Bristolcon 2015

The programme for Bristolcon 2015 on Saturday September 26th has gone live and can be found here.

I will be appearing on a panel 1800 – 1845 in Programme Room 1…

Faster Than Light

If we can go anywhere, any time, what are the implications? FTL Travel will come at a cost: financial, political and socio-economic. How do you choose an FTL system, and why? Our panel fill in the stars on a google map of the universe. May include really cool spaceships!

with Gareth L. Powell (Mod), Dean Saunders-StoweMisa BuckleyRosie Oliver and Steven Poore

And… wait for it… I will also be running a kaffeeklatsch / workshop 12:00 until 12:45:

Real Technologies Futures Report and Discussion

The report will be from a Technology Futures convention which will be held in London on the Thursday and Friday beforehand. So this stuff will be hot off the press. Spaces will be limited and I suspect that there will be a sign-in sheet at the front desk. They may even put one on-line – not sure about this. After the report, I hope to have a discussion and/or exercise as to how to apply this to science fiction. [The exercise is dependent on the time available.]



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