Maybe, or, Maybe Not

Over the past years I have generated the occasional article that would be a help to science fiction wanting to use the relevant technology. It started with one about artificial gravity. And that only came about because I was critiquing someone else’s drafts and what he had written instinctively felt wrong. So I sat down, … More Maybe, or, Maybe Not

Designers in Bristol and Bath have 3-5% higher cash income

An interesting little snippet came my way from the University of Bath Spa alumni news: Designers based in the Bath and Bristol area have a 3-5% higher cash income on average and higher levels of productivity than similar businesses in England and Wales. The report, called¬†Bristol and Bath by Design, showed that small design firms … More Designers in Bristol and Bath have 3-5% higher cash income

What’s going on?

There is a cartoon going the rounds showing the spines of diaries. The titles go something like this: …2013, 2014, 2015, The Year Nobody Talks About, 2017, 2018… Well this year has been awful on a personal front (no, I’m not going into details or I’ll have you all crying torrents) and in terms of … More What’s going on?