British Science Fiction Magazines

Buried in my last post was a list of British Science Fiction magazines, which I thought I would bring to the fore. I’ll keep this post for about a year before deleting it – things move on and old posts like this could end up being misleading. Interzone – see here – the acknowledged premier British science fiction […]

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Why the lack of ZING in British SF?

Robert Sawyer recently wrote: “Truth is, there’s very little ambitious science fiction left; most of what little is still published is fungible military SF or space opera, with no intellectual or emotional heft. The genre that was once rich with speculation and social comment has shrunk to a tiny puddle of escapism.” He’s right. Where […]

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Techno Science Fiction Possibilities

Technology understanding and development continues to throw surprises. Some of them come from obscure effects. Others come from improvements in mechanisms once thought inferior to other technologies. It’s these kind of odd obscure things that can be the basis of a good science fiction story. A couple of such interesting techie things have come to […]

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Dogger Bank Science Fiction

I wrote my first serious science fiction piece in 1993 about an artificial island on the Dogger Bank. Now it is being turned into reality by Danish, Dutch and German firms. Where are the British in this consortium? They are needed more than ever. The Science Fiction: Here is the piece, severely edited since 1993 […]

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Discoveries and Science Fiction

Discoveries, discoveries, discoveries… there’s been a lot of them recently. The most exciting has been the seven planets discovered around the brown dwarf, Trappist-1. Below is an artist’s impression of what the planet might look like in reality, thanks to NASA. Once you look at the orbital periods of the seven planets, you soon realise […]

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Near Future Science Fiction

The closer your speculative future to today is, the shorter the science fiction story has to be. Why is that? Most science fiction authors are all too well aware how they can develop a world, only to find an announcement in some science journal or news channels that means they got aspects of world technology […]

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