BristolCon 2017

The programme for BristolCon for October 28th is now out and it sure does look exciting. See here for details. The organisers have kindly allowed me on to sit on two panels this year. The first is in Room 2: 13:00 Gert Lush Science 2017 – Science is always on the march. In the first […]

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Can History Repeat Itself?

This question belongs to the what if questions so beloved of science fiction writers. So I took a look at the fall of the Roman Empire (the Western Roman Empire to be specific) to see if there were any parallels in our modern day. Eight reasons have been cited for the fall: Military losses to […]

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Interstellar Travel Predictions

Any science fiction writer of the science-biased side of things needs to keep in touch with technological progress. That means reading techie papers and stuff. Unfortunately what the readers want to most know about is usually those science inventions that are so far in the future that it is difficult to find hard information on. […]

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