“I may be some while”

Someone was cheeky enough to call a general election in the UK yesterday. Which means that at least in this country most people’s attention will on persuading others and being persuaded which way to vote. Why? This is very much a crossroads election i.e. whichever way the vote goes, it will have a significant impact […]

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BSFA Awards 2016

The 2016 BSFA awards have been announced. They are: Best Novel Dave Hutchinson – Europe in Winter (Solaris) Best Short Fiction Jaine Fenn – Liberty Bird (Now We Are Ten, NewCon Press) Best Non-Fiction Geoff Ryman – 100 African Writers of SFF (Tor.com) Best Artwork Sarah Anne Langton – Cover for Central Station by Lavie Tidhar (Tachyon Publications) The interesting thing is […]

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Writing Real Science Fiction!

I have been struggling with writing that all important first draft of a chapter in my C.A.T. novel. I ended up editing and re-editing it numerous times. Compared to the previous 6 chapters it was a darned brain-acher of a struggle to get into shape. And I found myself asking, ‘Why was this chapter a […]

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British Science Fiction Magazines

Buried in my last post was a list of British Science Fiction magazines, which I thought I would bring to the fore. I’ll keep this post for about a year before deleting it – things move on and old posts like this could end up being misleading. Interzone – see here – the acknowledged premier British science fiction […]

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Why the lack of ZING in British SF?

Robert Sawyer recently wrote: “Truth is, there’s very little ambitious science fiction left; most of what little is still published is fungible military SF or space opera, with no intellectual or emotional heft. The genre that was once rich with speculation and social comment has shrunk to a tiny puddle of escapism.” He’s right. Where […]

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