Why SF endures as a genre

Whilst there will always be a core of devotees who will want read this genre or that, the popularity of various genres come and go. But it seems to me that science fiction as a genre seems to carry on being popular. The question is why? Of course, the answer depends on what definition you […]

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Sciencey SF Novel Pick for September

The pick for September’s new sciencey science fiction novel is: Null States by Malta Older The blurb: Null States continues Campbell Award finalist Malka Older’s Centenal Cycle, the near-future science fiction trilogy beginning with Infomocracy • A Locus Award Finalist for Best First Novel • The book The Huffington Post called “one of the greatest literary […]

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Agents of Repair and more…

Well it looks like July is going to go out with a bang… I have always wanted one of my stories, Agents of Repair, to have wider visibility than being published in the British science fiction magazine, Jupiter. The main reason is that it’s the genesis of C.A.T. story. Yes, that C.A.T.! So I’ve uploaded […]

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From the Obscure to What?

This year’s Worldcon in Helsinki is almost upon us. Unfortunately I will not be going, but hope those that do have an enjoyable / productive time. The next Worldcon in Europe is very likely to be Dublin in 2019 – see here. I say very likely as it’s the only bid for that year. Dublin […]

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