The Postman’s Been!

This delightful certificate dropped through my letterbox today! It’s my fifth Honourable Mention from the Writers of the Future Contest for my sixth chapter from my C.A.T. novel, entitled Instinct of Logic. . Yay. :):):):):). Below is the record I’m keeping of progress. Yes Chapter 8 is almost written – and what a nightmare it’s been! […]

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What is Science Fiction?

What is science fiction? I suspect there are more definitions than authors writing the genre. But one that caught my eye was a definition that Adam Roberts came up with in his History of Science Fiction: Science Fiction is: stories of travel through space (to other worlds, planets and stars); stories of travel through time […]

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Free to Enter Science Fiction Short Story Competitions

Below is my (kind of, but never works out) six-monthly list of free to enter science fiction short story competitions: Futurescape, up to 8000 words, end date October 13th 2017, theme – ‘Blue Sky Cities’ Intelligence in Fiction, up to 5000 words, closing date July 15th 2017, Theme about artificial general intelligence, intelligence amplification, or the AI alignment problem.. […]

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