Maybe, or, Maybe Not

Over the past years I have generated the occasional article that would be a help to science fiction wanting to use the relevant technology. It started with one about artificial gravity. And that only came about because I was critiquing someone else’s drafts and what he had written instinctively felt wrong. So I sat down, […]

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2016 – Bows and all

This has indeed been a strange year in many ways. Even the weather has conspired to make this an unusual year in the UK… Of course you can always rely on double rainbows appearing somewhere in the Uk like those below near Bath… But we also had the delight of a rare fog bow in […]

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What’s going on?

There is a cartoon going the rounds showing the spines of diaries. The titles go something like this: …2013, 2014, 2015, The Year Nobody Talks About, 2017, 2018… Well this year has been awful on a personal front (no, I’m not going into details or I’ll have you all crying torrents) and in terms of […]

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