C.A.T. and cryo-volcanism!

This arrived earlier this week…. This is for chapter 5 of my C.A.T. novel – yes I know, a chapter is not a short story – which makes this award all the more worthy. C.A.T. novel progress is shown below: As you see, I’m over two-thirds of the way through. Yay! It’s well-known that between […]

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A Class of Techno in Science Fiction?

While I was at a one day symposium at the British Interplanetary Society (BIS) last week, one speaker suggested a grouping on innovations in technology as follows: Acute Impact Technology (immediate impact on society in the near term) Chronic Impact Technology (steady impact on society in the medium term) Extensual Technology (extend society and probably […]

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Science Fiction of the Future

A government commissioned review has just backed the building of the Swansea Bay tidal lagoon scheme for generating electricity. It’s likely to cost ¬£1.3 billion and still has a couple of hurdles to get through i.e. get marine license approval and the need to agree a deal with the builder. See here for more details. […]

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Maybe, or, Maybe Not

Over the past years I have generated the occasional article that would be a help to science fiction wanting to use the relevant technology. It started with one about artificial gravity. And that only came about because I was critiquing someone else’s drafts and what he had written instinctively felt wrong. So I sat down, […]

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