BristolCon 2016

BristolCon seems to go from strength to strength as each year passes by… and this was no exception to that pattern. This year it seemed better organised and more roomy, which I attribute to things being moved round a little bit so that the flow of people through the ‘foyer’ became easier. Good on the […]

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Bristolcon 2015

The programme for Bristolcon 2015 on Saturday September 26th has gone live and can be found here. I will be appearing on a panel 1800 – 1845 in Programme Room 1… Faster Than Light If we can go anywhere, any time, what are the implications? FTL Travel will come at a cost: financial, political and […]

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So that was 2014 SF-wise

It’s that time of year when Christmas is upon us and we look back at what we’ve achieved during the past 12 months. As happens with most of us, not as much as we planned or hoped for, but one or two unexpected surprises put into the mix. The year started out with a lot […]

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Bristolcon 2014

Another year, another Bristolcon. Now into its sixth year as a Science Fiction and Fantasy convention, it seems to be going from strength to strength. Admittedly this year, it was more biased to the fantasy end of the spectrum, but that is only fair given last year it was the heavily weighted towards science fiction. […]

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BristolCon – 5

Yes, today was the day BristolCon – Bristol’s science fiction convention – was on at the Doubletree Hotel not very far from Bristol Temple Meads railway station… and what a super-duper con it was. My only regret was that I had to return home early to give some TLC to a sick pussy cat (but […]

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