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has the BSFA 2017 Short-Listed Shorter Fiction ‘Angular Size’ by Geoff Nelder

SFerics 2017 full cover

Cyber Control (longer version)UK Amazon   US Amazon




Agents of Repair — UK Amazon    US Amazon
C.A.T. — UK Amazon    US Amazon   TWB Press
Neptune’s Angel — UK Amazon    US Amazon   TWB Press
Guard Cat — UK Amazon    US Amazon   TWB Press

Review by Rich Horton on SF Site of Agents of Repair  ... The story is told from the point of view of a repair AI, who comes to realize that another AI on the moon has gone rogue, and is attempting to kill the human colony. The “good” AI tries desperately to counter the rogue, and to attract the attention of some humans to help. Decent adventure, and a nice dark conclusion. 




The Last City — The Colditz Run — UK Amazon    US Amazon
Explorations Through the Wormhole — AI Deniers — UK Amazon    US Amazon
Aphrodite Terra — Flex and Flux — UK Amazon    US Amazon
Escape Velocity — Thank You for the Music — UK Amazon    US Amazon

Review by Paul Weimer at SFSignal: “Flex and Flux” by Rosie Oliver, the anchor and perhaps my favorite story, is a wondrous hard science fiction story of solar sailing and desperate measures to try and make the trip from Venus back to Earth.




Jupiter 47 Eukelade — Air of Freedom — UK Amazon    US Amazon
Jupiter 37 Pasithee — Ripple Effect — UK Amazon    US Amazon

Kraxon On-Line Magazine

The Extras:

  • A Void Dance, Chapter 1, Far Horizon, Issue 13, April 2015
  • Under the Red Moon, Nebula Rift, Vol. 2, No. 2, March 2014
  • Return (The Kraken Rises anthology) October 2013
  • A Fate of Dust – Full Frontal Lobe e-zine, Issue 2, October 2012
  • Cold Pressure – ‘the new writer’ Volume 105, Winter 2011 – Jupiter 26, Isonoe, October 2009
  • Life Sentence – Jupiter 8, Phasiphae, Spring 2005
  • Displaced – ‘the new writer’, Volume 66,  May/June 2004

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