Best of British Science Fiction 2020 Anthology

Well this is a turn up for the books! I’m absolutely chuffed that my short story, Rings Around Saturn, has been included in the Best of British Science Fiction 2020. It was originally published in Kzine Issue 26 last January.

The first short story I got published was on Mercury, the second on Neptune. From there on it it was my aim to have a short story published for each of the planets in our Solar System. Rings Around Saturn completed that aim. Therefore this feels like a crowning moment of personal achievement.

Furthermore, this will be the first hardback anthology a story of mine will appear in! Wow, wow and WOW!

My deepest thanks go to Donna Bond for choosing my story and Ian Whates for publishing it. Orders can be place Newcon Press here.

2 thoughts on “Best of British Science Fiction 2020 Anthology

  1. Congratulations, Rosie. I did enjoy your Rings around Saturn story.
    My Here Today flash story is also in the collection. First published in 365 Tomorrows, someone nominated my contribution and luckily, or wisely, Donna selected it. Unlike your story, mine is set on Earth but from the point of view of an alien.

    1. Hello Geoff,
      Thank you for your kind words about Rings Around Saturn – I had fun writing it!
      Congratulations on your story being included – I’m looking forward to reading it – ahem – some of us have novels to read for reviewing purposes… so it’ll be good to get back to enjoy short stories.

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