Latest Review of Space Force: Building a Legacy

I was alerted to a review of Space Force: Building the Legacy this morning. It made my day with the following being about my story:

“Slivers of Hope” by  Rosie Oliver

Wow. Just wow. This is a story of human resilience. It is a story about human brilliance. It’s something I wish I had written, but didn’t. I’m not sure about the science here, but it makes sense from a layman’s point of view. Yeah. This one is going to haunt me.

And to think the genesis of Slivers of Hope was observing a con trail while driving home from work on a cold winter’s stare night. My immediate thought was it was a pity we could not use that con trail as a road to Low Earth Orbit. Some convoluted lateral thoughts later, I wrote Slivers of Hope.

Will there be a sequel to this story? There has to be. I can’t leave the ideas in this story alone. They are huge, world-bending in the sense it points to our species taking a different path from what is currently extrapolated and therefore expected, and most importantly innovative even by science fiction standards.

It just shows you how a small incident or observation can lead to greater things if you just let it grow.

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