Bits and Bobs

March 11th marks C.A.T.’s birthday – because that was the day his first story was published in 2011! What amazes me is the story is still selling on Amazon after nine years. Which goes to show the rascal is more popular than I thought he would ever be!


C.A.T. is my first standalone-as-an-author publication, so is rather special and it is rather nice he is still going strong (but don’t let him know this or he’ll become insufferably smug!)

The 6-monthly accounts for Distaff are being finalised. We knew last year  we could pay back the loans people generously gave us to fund the launch party at Euro-Con and some publicity – a big thank you to our lenders. It looks like (and subject to confirming the final details) there is a reasonable profit to be shared out in the anthology’s co-operative. This an great achievement given what I have seen around the patch when it comes to selling self-published anthologies. Thank you to all who bought Distaff whether in e-book form or paperback.

The recording of Women in Science Fiction and Fantasy event I went to 25th February is up on the web and can be found here. My impression of the event was reported earlier on this blog and can be found here.

C.A.T. here – what’s my crazy author being say about me now? Oh! Oh that’s a change from her usual grumbles and idiocies. Me like. Purr. But of course I’m special being so purr-rect! Purrrrrrr…..




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