Bristol-Con 2018

It’s Bristol-Con 2018 next Saturday (October 27th). Yay! They have now published their programme, which can be found here.  It is possibly one of the friendliest science fiction and fantasy conventions in this country.

The organisers have ben kind enough to allow me onto a panel this yes, which is at 1000am on Programme 2.

But What Does It Mean For Me?: Janet Edwards, Rosie Oliver, David Gullen, Kevlin Henney, Dev Agarwal (M) SF casually tosses around massive paradigm shifts without really diving into their impact on everyday life. If teleportation became widely available tomorrow what would the impact be on a worker in a car factory, a GP or a border official? What would the impact of that be on society? Almost every SF writer missed the coming of smartphones – let’s get ahead of the next wave.

Fortunately, they have not given me a kaffeeklatsch to run this year, which really is a good thing. I haven’t got over the last one run I ran in 2015, when I was mad enough to offer participants the chance to have their short story published in anthology I was organising. I went into shock when one of the stories got list for the 2017 BSFA Shorter Fiction prize, and here’s the proof…



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