Bitsy-Bobsy Housekeeping of the SF kind…

I’ve been altering my stories page. Up to now it’s been a list of the stories I’ve had published, with the newest topmost. At 20+ stories is was getting cumbersome to read through to find the story of interest. So I’ve grouped there

  • C.A.T.-a-logue (basically the C.A.T. series)
  • Anthologies
  • Print Magazines
  • Kraxon E-Magazine
  • Extras – stories that do not fit easily into the the categories above

Some of last bunch are no longer buyable – I’m working on that – please be patient – doing things properly takes time.

Talking of C.A.T. – as you know he’s nagged me to write a novel about him (some characters never let the imagination go). It astounds me that I have now drafted well over 90% of the novel! The end is in sight (until he nags me to do a follow-on!). It looks like it’s going to be around 125k words long, but that may change with editing rounds to come. Of the nine main chapters, six have got an Honourable Mention in the Writers of the Future contest – yes I know this contest is for short stories rather than chapters, but it helped to keep me to a timetable. And then I’ll be trying to find an agent and publisher for his my novel soon (soon by my definition).

In the meantime, you can read about his early exploits by choosing a story from the C.A.T.-a-logue. Although Agents of Repair was initially published in Jupiter in July 2010, I’ve taken the opportunity to self-publish it to make sure the C.A.T. canon is easily accessible. I’ve since my last post, published Agents of Repair as a paperback via Amazon. Click on the cover below for the link to UK Amazon.




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