Agents of Repair and more…

Well it looks like July is going to go out with a bang…

I have always wanted one of my stories, Agents of Repair, to have wider visibility than being published in the British science fiction magazine, Jupiter. The main reason is that it’s the genesis of C.A.T. story. Yes, that C.A.T.! So I’ve uploaded it onto Kindle. It can be found:

Agents of Repair – Amazon UK

Agents of Repair – Amazon US 

The introduction to the book explains it all…

Agents of Repair was written to answer the question: ‘Can a self-learning program develop on a computer without direct human help?’ When I realised how it could be done, I knew it would be dangerous to publish the method. So I deliberately left out a couple of paragraphs in this story.

Nevertheless it made for good yarn, and found a home in a small British magazine, Jupiter. I am grateful to Ian Redman, Jupiter’s editor, for giving it chance to be read in Issue 29, Thyone, July 2010. This gave me a glimmer of hope after a particularly horrendous year on a personal front.

So why self-publish Agents of Repair as a separate story now? The first reason is to act as a record of one step in the path to the genesis of C.A.T., a self-learning robo-cat, of which a series of stories have been e-published by TWB Press. The second is its timelessness. It still feels as fresh and relevant today as when it was first published seven years ago. Enjoy!

As for the cover – well factory built – or should I say computer built?


In other news… my jaw kind of dropped through the floor, the foundations of the house, the earth, the rock mantle, right on down to the centre of the Earth yesterday evening. I suddenly found out that Explorations Through the Wormhole had reached no. 1 in its various categories on Amazon kindle in both the US and UK. So it’s now got the special Amazon Best Seller label!

And that was not all… I noticed that Explorations Through the Wormhole for kindle had reached no. 40 on Kindle. Yes Kindle, no subcategories on anything. I also found, because I had contributed my short story, AI Deniers, to the anthology that I had reached the author rank of no. 18 on the US Amazon site (the UK Amazon site does not have author rankings). It’s not surprising I disappeared into the puffy cloud of disbelief!

I don’t know what magic Nathan Hystad and the Woodbridge Press team have done to make all this happen, but my thanks go out to all of them. They and the authors of the other stories in the anthology are the real heroes/heroines. Thank you to all.

Explorations Through the Wormhole – US Amazon

Explorations Through the Wormhole – UK Amazon


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