The Courage of Care Published and More News

A new short story is available! The Courage of Care has been published by the Kraxon Magazine and can be found here. 

As I believe short stories should stand on their own, I’ll leave you good people, robots and computers to enjoy! But I do like the picture the publisher has chosen to go with the story! 🙂 My thanks go to the all those at Kraxon for accepting and publishing it.

In other news… I received an Honourable Mention for the 1st quarter of 2017 from the Writers of the Future competition. It was for my ‘short story’ Instinct of Logic, which as regular readers will have guessed is another chapter of my C.A.T. novel. This being a chapter means there are loose ends at the end of it, which will have lost it points. So you’ll have to excuse me if I feel just a little smug!

In fact, it’s chapter 6, which means that over half of my novel now has Honourable Mentions from the competition, as you can see from the graphic below.


Have a Glorious and Happy Summer!


4 thoughts on “The Courage of Care Published and More News

  1. Love your story – the payoff was nicely apt. Now, if only someone would sort out the terrible state of our social care which is in tatters by all accounts:(…

    1. Thank you for your kind thoughts. Agree about the social care system, but I have hopes that the need will reduce in time because we’ll have found a cure or amelioration methods for long term illnesses like dementia. Medical research is where some answers lie.

      1. Oh yes, I agree. Though I do fear that the rich will be the ones who will have access to those cures, while increasingly those without the financial resources will be relegated to a ‘second tier’ treatment. Because many of the future treatments will require a full DNA profile so as to maximise the biological fixes…

  2. Hello Sarah – understand where you might be coming from. There are two ‘howevers’ here…

    The first is that treatments to mitigate some of the diseases like dementia will attack the symptoms and won’t require DNA profiling. I see these as coming along as an interim measure before they suss out the DNA links.

    The second is that I’m aware of research to come up with cheap instruments to check the DNA for genetic diseases has already been successful by people up in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Once they know what to look for in other diseases, I’m sure it’ll be a case of transferring that technology to those genetic markers.

    What I’m saying is I see the path ahead for sorting out some of these horrible diseases – I just want to see, where possible, the research speeded up.

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