Free to Enter Science Fiction Short Story Competitions

Below is my (kind of, but never works out) six-monthly list of free to enter science fiction short story competitions:

  • Futurescape, up to 8000 words, end date October 13th 2017, theme – ‘Blue Sky Cities’
  • James White Award, between 1000 and 6000 words, closing date for 2018 to be announced, but usually early in the new year
  • Jim Baen Memorial Award, up to 8000 words, usually 1st February each year, theme space in the next 50 to 60 years

There seems to be preponderance of near future stories being asked for in these competitions. Why? Well, some of the big businesses have cottoned on to the fact that such science fiction helps show up potential useful future innovations which they can then go and invest in. I would expect to see more near future science fiction stories coming out shortly, and i’m not just talking about my two little pet projects here either – more about those at a later date.


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