British Science Fiction Magazines

Buried in my last post was a list of British Science Fiction magazines, which I thought I would bring to the fore. I’ll keep this post for about a year before deleting it – things move on and old posts like this could end up being misleading.

Interzone – see here – the acknowledged premier British science fiction magazine. It has a leaning towards what I call the literary, which to my mind, puts off the idea-generating science fiction. Nevertheless it is useful in honing writing technique.

Nature Futures – see here – they have a specific purpose for their science fiction, which is basically being on commentary on the impact of future science and technology on our society. So it’s understandable that they have a very narrow definition window of what they want. (Whilst Nature Futures is owned by an American company, its editor is based in London – hence its inclusion here.)

Kraxon Magazine – see here – you need to be a member of SFFChronicles to be able to submit a story here. It was set up to encourage up and coming writers. It certainly makes you concentrate on keeping to within the wordcount.

The Singularity – see here – is as I write this is temporarily closed to submissions. Not sure when it’ll reopen. So watch this space.

Kzine – see here – publishes three times a year.

The Future Fire – see here – a social political speculative cyberfiction publication.

The Far Horizons – see here – is where you can showcase your science fiction.

Compelling Science Fiction – see here – they have just reopened for submissions 

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