C.A.T. and cryo-volcanism!

This arrived earlier this week….


This is for chapter 5 of my C.A.T. novel – yes I know, a chapter is not a short story – which makes this award all the more worthy.

C.A.T. novel progress is shown below:


As you see, I’m over two-thirds of the way through. Yay!

It’s well-known that between the halfway and three-quarters mark is the most dispiriting part of the novel to write. It’s the section where most of the creativity that goes into the novel has been done and it’s still a long way from the end. If only I get through to the completion of the current chapter, then I’ll be over ‘the doldrums’ part of writing this novel. Of course there’s the polishing and editing to come. However, each time you go through a novel to improve it, it becomes quicker and therefore the tedium has less chance to set in.

For those that don’t know what this novel is about, you can find the prequels at the links to the Amazon below:

Oh and here’s a link to the video Terry at TWB Press kindly put together for me:

As you know C.A.T.’s adventures take place in and around Neptune, much farther out in the Solar System than Earth. It’s more than just icy cold out there. one the things they have to deal with is cryo-volcanism – volcanoes that spew liquid ice instead of hot lava.

They’ve recently discovered an ice volcano on the dwarf planet, Ceres, which is in the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter. It’s not as far out as Neptune. But the scientists are learning what makes and breaks these volcanoes. They have been looking at a mechanism called viscous relaxation that not only destroys some types of cryo-volcanoes, but also craters, over long time periods.

Here’s the link to the article.

Below is NASA’s picture of Ceres’ cryo-volcano, named Ahuna Mons (don’t ask me where they get these names from!)


And yes, of course, there is cryo-volcanism in the C.A.T. novel, big time! Before you ask, sorry, you’ll have to wait for the novel to be published, if it ever gets published.


3 thoughts on “C.A.T. and cryo-volcanism!

    1. Thank you, Sarah. I’m absolutely over the moon… of course, I’m talking about the moon, Triton that orbits around the planet Neptune here… ahem… tip-clawing away…

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