Maybe, or, Maybe Not

Over the past years I have generated the occasional article that would be a help to science fiction wanting to use the relevant technology. It started with one about artificial gravity. And that only came about because I was critiquing someone else’s drafts and what he had written instinctively felt wrong. So I sat down, one evening in my favourite armchair and typed up a few notes. End result, he came back to say it had helped him visualise what was needed.

Roll on several years and a few more articles of similar ilk (but not the same technology).

Another writerly friend who also blogs had put together a book of the articles she wrote on her blog. She is I hasten to add not a science fiction writer, more a contemporary / literary writer. However, she has an interesting sense of humour and has got me laughing on many an occasion. Susan’s book can be found here:



So wouldn’t it be nice to do something similar – a compilation of these technology articles for budding science fiction writers, or indeed, the more experienced science fiction writers who haven’t had a chance to look into the various technologies. Of course, I’d have to add a couple of articles not already published on my blog.

But will I have the time? Won’t it get in the way of my science fiction writing?

The answers to these questions is we’ll have to wait and see. But one thing is for sure, I now feel as if I’m on the home straight for my C.A.T. novel, even if I do still have the ‘where the heck did that come from?’ moments.

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