By Jove, from cold to hot!

I was going to be the garage waiting for my car to have a puncture repair, so I thought I’d take laptop and do some fiction writing – my C.A.T. novel to be precise. I was thoroughly enjoying writing about the laser shoot-out when the nice garage man mentioned it was a bit incongruous having a lady writing science fiction in a relatively ordinary garage. Well, I suppose he had a point – garages are so humdrum and science fiction is so exciting.

However, all science fiction should have at least a modicum of science in it. And there has been a whole slew of interesting announcements lately.

There’s that hotspot over at Jupiter i.e. the giant red spot has a high temperature. See here for more details. It does go some way towards explaining the higher than expected temperatures around Jupiter.

And going from hot to cold – apparently Jupiter’s moon, Io, has its atmosphere turn to frost and collapse every time it goes behind Jupiter into darkness. Once it emerges back into the sunlight the frost is melted back into atmosphere. It’s almost as if the moon were breathing. See here for more details. 





Why all this interest in Jupiter on my part? Well it has another moon, Callisto. This is the closest place to Earth and the Moon where humans can inhabit the surface without problems of radiation. In other words it’s a much better place than Mars.

Talking of heat – they’ve discovered something new about fire.  See here for details. This new type of fire comes in the form of a blue fire tornado (now there’s a title for a science fiction novel if ever I heard one) and could be used to help cleanly clear up oil spills.

These science discoveries are all sources for a good piece of science fiction – go write!

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