New SF Novel Stats – Update

It’s that time of the year when I get a chance to buy Gardner Dozois’s annual Best New SF and have a chance to update my graph on the new novels published in speculative fiction. See below.


The general trends of the last few years continue, with horror holding more or less at the same level, paranormal romance continuing its decline and fantasy continuing to increase despite the dip in 2013/ 2014.

Science fiction continues to rise and has been doing so since 2009 – the year that saw the release of the films Avatar and Star Trek and saw the publication of Alastair Reynolds’ ‘House of Suns’, the last major novel of the Revelation Space series.

As the early noughties saw the Lord of the Rings trilogy of films come out and the rise of new fantasy novels can be dated from about that period, my guess is that the health of a genre is now dependent on good new genre-based films coming out.

If this is the case, then I would guess that 2016 will see another rise in new science fiction and fantasy novels (Star Trek – Beyond and Star Wars VII).


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