Swedish Science Fiction

I’ve just come back off a week’s holiday in Gothenburg in Sweden. I even got sunburnt!

Naturally I examined the state of the science fiction bookshops….

The main Swedish bookshop chain, which deals with amongst other things, selling books for children to use at school, consistently had shelves for what they called ‘Fantasy’. This included some science fiction books. I checked two of the chain’s bookshops – apart from size and outlay, not much different. Kind of meh!

I did come across another bookshop dedicated to science fiction – including full size mannequins of star wars characters. [I can never get over how Darth Vader’s shoes are so plain and ordinary compared to the rest of his costume – but maybe it’s me.] It really is an Aladdin’s Cave for SFers…

It’s at Kungsgatan 19, not very far from the Cathedral (not to be confused with the German Church that is close  by). It’s website is here.


Looks to me as if Swedish Science Fiction is rather healthy bookshop-wise! Yay!



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