Cyber Control and More Celestial News

I am absolutely delighted that Kraxon magazine have published my latest story – Cyber ControlThey’ve chosen a very apt picture to go with the story… 🙂 🙂 :)… and much to my delight they’ve chosen a picture banner that makes me and even C.A.T. purr with delight…. it’s so purrfect….

My thanks go to the editor and his team for accepting the story.

In other news – a whole host of news has been announced about Rosetta comet 

  1. The comet contains the building blocks of life i.e. amino acids
  2. The comet also creates its own weather
  3. The two distinct lobes that make are look like a misshapen dumbbell are in fact two comets that break apart, orbit each other and then merge


(C.A.T. here – that’s no surprise to me… my author predicted similar processes for 2 and 3 in one of my stories – the one that got the honourable mention from the Writers of the future contest – purr…)

And finally New Horizons results about Pluto continue to come in – the latest is that the heart of Pluto is nitrogen ice (with the odd splash of methane and carbon dioxide) is being turned by heat generated by radioactive materials at the heart of the dwarf planet.

As for planet X – the one that’s suspected of existing beyond the orbit of Neptune – the wise and the good suspect it might have been stolen from another star – see here for details.


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