High Resolution Pictures

There has been a little flurry of publishing high resolution pictures lately.

The eccentric orbits of Mars and Earth means that the distance between at the point of closest approach between the planets varies over roughly a twenty year cycle. Here is the latest picture from the Hubble telescope as the planet neared opposition with Earth. As for the detail – take a look at the clouds… Wow!


Second up is the the latest video NASA has published of Pluto – it is a montage of high resolution pictures put together. See here.

Talking of Mars – there’s an article here about the climate change cycles the planet suffers from. It has been based the discoveries of ice deposits by ground penetrating radar. It suggests that Mars is still coming out of its latest ice age.

In the grand scheme of things, these are all about details. But details matter, especially if they lead to a science fiction story being based on a situation that could never happen. More importantly, they are a source of inspiration for stories… go write…


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