Arthur C Clarke Award Shortlist

The shortlist for the Arthur C Clarke award was announced a couple of days ago. It comprises:


Now let’s look at the original graph I put up for all the submissions for the award (note this does include publishers who published two or less books or Faber and Faber who sent in three books, two written by men and one by a woman – note to self – do not change my mind on what to present in a graph half way through compiling the stats!)


Several interesting points cane be made here:

  • Nearly all the Hodder and Stoughton submissions got onto the shortlist. (The exception was The Dead Lands by Benjamin Percy.)
  • None of the publishers who submitted 8 or more novels got onto the shortlist. This includes the fabled Gollancz!
  • There are two novels out of six that are written by women, i.e. a third, which is the roughly the going ratio for books submitted by women in science fiction.
  • Three out of the six deal with post apocalypse events.

Make what you will of these snippets…

I for one am not going to second guess the judges on this one…


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