BSFA Awards Short List Announced

Yep – the shortlist for the BSFA awards has been announced – you can find the full details here.

They had changed the voting system this year. One of the aims was to stop a small group of people clubbing together to pile their votes onto the favourite person to get them onto the short list. This year, the first round was nominations as usual, but limited to four per person per category – so you had choose if you were putting in a multiple set. The second round was voting on the nominations – again a limited number of votes per person per category.

And now that we’re into the final round, the shortlist makes very interesting reading.

The list of novels are those you would expect see given the comments I’ve seen around the bazaars – there’s no real surprises.  For me, it’s a choice between Ian McDonald’s Luna New Moon and Dave Hutchinson’s Europe at Midnight.



But one thing that is good to see – Interzone has some entries. Although I’m not as much of fan of Interzone as I used to be, it’s still good to see a British stalwart in the listings.


6 thoughts on “BSFA Awards Short List Announced

  1. I’d love to read Luna:New Moon but the paperback is nearly £30 and even the Kindle is over a tenner! I’m outpriced. I’ll never complain about the way my publishers price my books again!

    1. I happened, by accident more than by design, to be in Waterstones in Bristol today. I asked about Luna: New Moon. They can’t get hold of it. Their supply of trade paperback has run out, and no indication of when they’ll get some new supplies in. There will, however, be a paperback coming out in July – which would, I presume, be cheaper than the trade paperback. HTH.

      In the meantime, I’m wondering if the publisher knows what he’s doing… surely they didn’t think Luna New Moon would not get nominated for the BSFA award?

  2. “I happened, by accident… to be in Waterstones…” What happened, did you trip and fall in sideways? Sorry, it’s just one of those things people say that create images in my warpness.

    1. It was more that I was on the harbour boat when i realised I wouldn’t be able to catch the train in time. With an hour’s wait for the next one, I hopped off the boat, dashed into Waterstones, got my Dr Who books that I’d ordered, and caught the next boat to the railway station to catch the later train. Hope this makes sense.

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