2015 – SF in Review

Well, so that was (almost) 2015… so what happened in 2015 (other than a certain Awakening)?

On the Personal Front:

This was a good year for me science fiction wise in that I had three short stories published in different publications:

  • Flex and Flux, Aphrodite Terra Anthology, Whippleshield Books, December 2015 – this anthology is currently selling well if my understanding of the Amazon Bestsellers ranking system is anything to go by
  • Flame of Desire, Kraxon Magazine, August 2015 – got some votes for the favourite story of the year at Kraxon – so can’t be that bad
  • Air of Freedom, Jupiter 47, Eukelade, January 2015 – this has a mathematical twist to it in more senses than one.

Strictly speaking all these stories are eligible for nomination for any 2015 prizes.

Also published was the first chapter of my novel, A Void Dance, in Far Horizon, Issue 13, April 2015. This belongs to what I call the ‘Uranus Universe’. Unfortunately this novel has done the submission rounds and been turned down. So other than this chapter it will never be published. I’m therefore grateful that Far Horizon were willing to publish this.

On the other hand my ‘Neptune Universe’ seems to be going from strength to strength. On top of the Honourable Mention for Space Blind last year from Writers of the Future Contest, I received an Honourable Mention for Eternal Vigilance in the latest quarter. This are the first two major chapters in my C.A.T. novel. I consider this good going as they were chapters, not stories, and fell rather short of their allowable length.

Here’s the electronic badge they have already sent to me for the latter:


This year has also seen complete the first draft of the third chapter – Belonging to Nowhere – though that still needs an editorial polishing round – and I’ve started the fourth chapter – Dust in his Eyes.

I also had the pleasure of running a workshop at Bristolcon this year, entitled Real Technologies Futures Report and Discussion There will be a fallout from this, but I’m not saying anything more at the moment, but progress has been made in the right direction for those in the know. 

You know something – I’m exhausted at just reading this report. Did I really cover this much this much this year (on top of a full time job, looking after one fairly ill pussy cat and keeping on top of the gardening – I like to grow a few of my own vegetables!) and more? It seems so. No wonder I’m in need of some serious chilling out this Christmas!

On the Publications Front:

I was saddened, but not surprised, to see that Jupiter will cease publication after issue 50. The lack of surprise is because I know the Editor has had other calls on this time. My thanks go to Ian for all the stories of mine he has published, including most importantly, Agents of Repair which can be found in Issue 29, Thyone. If it hadn’t been for him taking up this story, I might not be writing science fiction today.

A further disappointment is that Tor.com are closing to the door to unsolicited short fiction submissions as of 7th January 2016. See here for details.

What about 2016?

Well all I’m going say for now is that for me science fiction wise, it’ll start with bang. But you’ll have to wait to find out what kind of bangs… oops did I put plural there?

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.



4 thoughts on “2015 – SF in Review

  1. Congratulations on such a busy, successful year:). I’m really upset I managed to miss your workshop at Bristolcon! Are you attending the next one? I’d love to meet up and have a real chat with you! Have a great Christmas and hope that 2016 is a successful prosperous one for you.

    1. Hello Sarah and thank you for your kind comments. My intention is to go to Bristolcon on 29th October, but as to what I’ll end up doing etc will depend on amongst other things they pitch into the programme. Until that’s posted, I’m not making any plans, except to say that at the moment (i.e. I could change my mind) I don’t anticipate participating on panels etc.

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