Venus Storms

News has just come in about the first results from the Akatsuki probe that has finally managed to get into orbit around Venus. The first photos sent back are showing the storms of Venus. And guess what one of the features of my latest published short story is? Yes, you’ve guessed it… it has a storm.

You can see the report about the initial Akatsuki results here.

So what are the consequences for the future and how will it impact science fiction stories?

Unfortunately the lovely idea by Geoffrey Landis of having cities in a layer of the atmosphere that is very human-friendly, and written about in his short story Sultan in the Clouds, is going to take a lot longer to materialise. Not impossible, but the costs are going to sky rocket (excuse the pun).

In fact the relationship of Venus (the planet) with science fiction is a good historical case study in itself. Perhaps I ought to write an essay on it, but that is sometime in the future.

In the meantime, enjoy my short story in Aphrodite Terra anthology – Flex and Flux – which can be bought here. This one can theoretically still happen!



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