Newsy Stuff….

Just to let you good folks know that I’ve had an article published in the British Science Fiction Association’s (BSFA) Focus magazine entitled ‘Glass Ceilings of Science Fiction’. Yay!

Amongst other things, it describes a good measuring stick about how your writing is progressing.

The rest of the magazine has good advice to would-be writers and there is one very good article about the realities of self-publishing by Robert Harkess for those considering that route.

I note that Focus editorship is now going to Dev Agarwal… knowing him, he’s going to make future issues of Focus very interesting.

One market of interest to hard science fiction writers this month is Gernsback Writing Contest. They are looking for stories between 1,000 and 2,000 words on the theme: ‘What will our solar system look like 250 years from now?’ [In 2265… which is exactly where one of my heroines lurk time-wise.] See here for details. It closes on 31st July or when they receive 100 stories, whichever is the sooner.

Another point of interest is that John Meaney has said he has a manuscript with his agent. It seems to include how he sees computers developing in the future. He ought to have quite a bit of insight into that subject as he teaches graduates on the computing every so often. I’ll keep a watch out for that one and let you know!

Of course what John may not have twigged is that C.A.T. was originally based on real computing principles… but I never wrote that detail into any of the stories..

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