Flame of Desire…

I am delighted to say that Kraxon magazine have accepted a short story of mine – Flame of Desire. They hope to publish it at the start of August. And here’s to fingers crossed that not another disaster will delay its publication.

My last story that Kraxon published was, quite rightly, delayed a month. The speculation surrounding the cause of the SpaceShip2 crash at the end of October 2014 was too close to part of Tyrell’s Flight (see here). In the end they ruled out that particular cause, but at the time it not only would have been disrespectful to the grieving family and friends, but could quite easily have added fuel to the rumours. So good on Kraxon’s editorial team for taking the right decision to delay publication.

Interestingly, this will be my third story with them, and all them have been set in the near future. And like two other Earthbound stories (Ripple Effect and Cold Pressure) they foretell a future where Earth has not suffered from drastic climate change. Not a single one of them went dystopian with the subject.

Could this really happen? Could we really avoid the disastrous effects of climate change? After all a day does not seem to pass without some extra new warning about how we are going to suffer or that the predictions of climate change are myth.

The real problem with climate is that there are many factors that can and do affect it. Their interactions are complex and take a lot of sifting through to understand what will happen next. Yes, we can build the computers and models to work out what will happen. But there is a further issue. We don’t know all the physics behind it. Take the latest comments about the possibility of a mini ice age within decades… see here… it shows you that we need to know more about how our Sun works  in order to understand its impact on our climate. Another area of uncertainty is how the Earth’s molten core works and what are its impacts on volcanoes sending up dust into the atmosphere to cool our air.

So I reckon we know how what the man-made mechanisms are to control our climate. What we don’t know is all the impacts of natural factors that affect our climate. Until they are and modelled on super-computers, we won’t know mechanisms to deploy to control our climate to ensure it stays in the happy range of human comfort.

So bottom line is – we need more research into understanding which factors control out climate, and how. Once we have that, the rest of the problem to sort out is going to comparatively easy.


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