Exciting Debut Novel – Ashamet Desert Born – 30th May 2015

Being excited about this book is the understatement of the year! I had the privilege of reading some of the draft excerpts some time ago and you just knew this was Terry’s special novel… Ashamet Desert Born is going to be more than just a darned good read. Its publication date is 30th May. Put it in your diaries. You can pre-order from Amazon here. Ashamet-Cover

Rather than give any spoilers, I’ll just give you what the blurb says (heck, I don’t want to marr your enjoyment)…

A desert world. A warrior nation that worships its emperor as a god. But for Ashamet, its prince, a future filled with danger… Ashamet is confident his swordsmanship, and his arranged marriage, will be enough to maintain the empire’s peace. But when a divine symbol magically appears on his arm, closely followed by an attempt on his life, he no longer knows who to trust. Worse, the strange attraction he feels toward a foreign slave could be another trap. As events unravel, too fast, Ashamet must find out if this innocent young male is a tool for his enemies–or the magic key to his survival.


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