Discoveries continue being made….

It’s been a few weeks of exciting discoveries…

  1. They’ve found evidence of liquid water on Mars
  2. A star being born
  3. Chemistry says Pluto is likely yo be red

OK… the importance of water on Mars is twofold – it makes it more promising that microbial life could still exist on the planet. Also it will help humans settle there. It still does not solve the radiation problem for us. The best place to settle is still Callisto where Jupiter’s magnetosphere protects the moon’s surface from solar radiation… unless you can design a permanent flying home for the upper atmosphere of Venus.

The pictures of the star being born will help astrophysicists understand how stars are made, live and die better. This in turn helps us predict what our Sun is doing, which of course affects in many different ways.

And as for Pluto… why am I seeing red.

Any of these three discoveries could lead to a decent science fiction story… so go, write…

But I’m rather excited about an idea I’ve had for a story… it’s a real super-duper humdinger… now if only I can the words down….

2 thoughts on “Discoveries continue being made….

    1. Absolutely…. water is also found in Ganymede, Europa and Enceladus, though there is some suspicion that Callisto and Dione also has a sub-surface ocean. Be interesting to see if and when we actually get to any of these places!

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