Where next for the science fiction short stories?

I recently completed writing the last of my Solar System Planets short story. It like the last but one short story is doing the submission rounds. I hope eventually to place them all in an anthology. The list is below, where published means it has been placed by independent publisher in a magazine. My thanks go to all those publishers who pushed my stories out into the big wide world!


The order of writing (not necessarily editing) has been Mars, Neptune, Earth, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Uranus, Saturn. The order of publication has been Mercury, Neptune, Earth, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, with the last two to be decided.

It is interesting to note that whilst not obvious from the stories themselves, Jupiter’s and Neptune’s are linked into one universe, as are Saturn and Uranus into another one.  Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn are all linked to my novel writing:

  • the first to my C.A.T. series (though it’s not immediately obvious)
  • the latter two to what I’m calling my Force trilogy.

Yes, I have written more Earth-bound stories than Cold Pressure, all based in Europe… so far, because it’s an area I know. It probably explains why my stories have been published in the UK and not in the USA.

Whilst I feel a sense of achievement, I also am left wondering what I should do next short story writing-wise. 

The obvious would be to do the Solar System’s dwarf planets: Ceres, Pluto, Haumea, Makemake and Sedna. It certainly would be a challenge, but at the moment as a theme, it does not call to me.

No I’m looking for what I call a fresh theme in science fiction.

…which leads onto a corollary question… where does hard science fiction get published these days? the obvious markets are:

  • Analog
  • Nature Futures
  • Jupiter
  • Perihelion

There may be others, but whatever I come up with as a theme, the story line has to fit what they want.

There are magazines that publish a mixture of what I call science fiction and fantasy, but I have noticed that they tend to shy away from what I call deep techie based stories, which is why magazines like Asimov’s and Interzone are not included in the above list.


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