Heavens Above!

It’s all been happening in the heavens… there was the spring equinox late Friday (well at least in the UK), the solar eclipse on Friday morning (it seems appropriate that Richard III should be buried shortly after the solar eclipse, given his Queen is said to have died during one)… and for those of you who are interested there’s a science fiction story about an eclipse by Thaddeus White over at Kraxon magazine – see here.

…and now there’s a nova brightening up in Sagittarius!

This is where you can find it in the south eastern skies…


The nova appears to have the classic hydrogen red surrounding a yellowish centre where the explosion took place. For more information check here.

So I’m wondering if there will a short science fiction story about a nova somewhere handy…

Whatever next? A friendly alien spaceship coming our way?


10 thoughts on “Heavens Above!

  1. Hi to both! Rosie, you said to tell you when Ashamet comes out. Well, it’s May 30th. [The delay due to having to come up with a completely new cover design when we thought we’d finalised the first one cos the publisher, thank g*d, spotted one too similar just in time- eek.]
    It’s unofficial Brit launch – being American – will be at EdgeLit in July, courtesy of an invite to ‘guest’ at the Knightwatch launch party, but if you are at Eastercon I’ll even have an advance flier for it.

    1. Hello Terry! Congratulations on getting to the publication date… I’m looking forward to my personal copy of Ashamet… and yes, you’ve guessed it, I’ve booked being there at Edge-Lit… whoopedy-doodah!

      1. That’s great. I could do with all the support I can get, since I’ll be doing a reading!
        [ I’m just hoping I don’t get the kind of reaction a couple of far right ‘thinkers’ sent me after a bit of early draft – they didn’t approve of the story, at all ]
        On the definite plus side, at least the publisher loved it, enough not to put me through the normal submission process, for which I remain truly thankful.
        See you

  2. Hello Terry, you’ll have a friendly audience for your reading… so I’m sure it’ll be a great success at it. Am looking forward to finding out which section you’ll pick…

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