And the Rings have it….

Even more excitement from the astronomy circles…. they’ve found a planet outside the Solar System that has very large rings around it. A kind of super Saturn. More details here.

The planet is larger than Jupiter, which I suspect means that it will one day in the very distant future become a brown dwarf star. But what intrigues me is how can the rings get so far out from the planet and in total contain so much mass. There must be some interesting physics going on here. Of course, if work is done to discover the reasons behind all this, it might shed some light on the ring systems in our Solar System (and yes I have designs for one particular set).

Just to give you some idea… Ron Miller pulled together this artist’s impression…




Wow! You see what I mean about the questions I’m asking! And answering those questions could lead onto interesting stories.

Talking of rings, in a sense I’ve had my own ring published… or at least my short story Air of Freedom has been published in Jupiter 47:


And what a cover! Thank you Ian!

… and no you’ll have to find out what kind of ring I mean by getting the story… it’s not what you eould expect. Oooooh the excitement….


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