Oh my word, what a day for space

Today’s big news is they have found Beagle 2 on Mars, and even more importantly found it in one piece. It landed! And even more incredibly, it landed within 5km of the central aim point – in astronomical terms, it was spot on target. It is an incredible achievement to have got that far.

Interestingly enough the investigation into why Beagle 2 failed that was published in 2005 suggested that the probe had failed during the landing process. It did not even suggest the failure happened on the surface. Well, I reckon they ought to investigate why the investigation got it wrong!



I feel it is sad that Colin Pillinger, who made Beagle 2 happen, will never know what happened to the lander. May he rest in peace.

The other big news is that Tickety Boo press have announced they are to published Ian Sales’ space opera trilogy, Age of Discord. The three novels due to be published in 2015 and 2016 are: A Prospect of War, A conflict of Orders and A Want of Reason. The announcements can found here and here.




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