It’s that BSFA Awards Time of the Year

Ho hum… it’s BSFA award nomination time – and will continue to be so until 31st January 2015 for those works published in 2014. So for the record (not that I expect any nominations) those short stories of mine that are eligible are:

  • Under the Red Moon, Nebula Rift, Vol. 2, No. 2, March 2014

[Mrrooooowwww…. you’ve forgotten my C.A.T.-mas 2 short story…. how can my author do such a silly stewpid thing as forget me…I’m going to sulk, you useless lump of meat that considers yourself part of the human race… hhhiiiiiisssssss… change that list now and I mean NOW! ]

Oops… I think I’m in trouble… correction I KNOW I’m in trouble. So I had better add the other short story that I published this year

How to nominate can be found here.

The list of current nominations can be found here.




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