Free to Enter Science Fiction Competitions



Here’s my 6-monthly list of free to enter science fiction competitions in alphabetical order.

a) Baen’s Bar – still going as strong as ever – see here. The editor goes through the subs and if you’re lucky enough to catch his eye it will get published with a fee being paid. Be warned, he has very few slots available. But you do get critiques of what you submit from fellow writers.

b) James Patrick Baen Memorial Writing Contest that looks for hard, near future, space-based science fiction – deadline normally 1st February each year and this is the case for 2015. Word count limit is 8,000.  See here.

c) James White competition- this is an annual competition – it’s closing date is 31st Jan 2015 – so you’ll need to get your skates on if you want to enter this. See here. Word count limit 6,000.

d) Writers of the Future contest – up to 17,000 words and many budding science fiction writers have worked their through their echelons Open for one story per quarter – unless of course you are successful! Their year ends 30th September. Its forum can be found here.

Good luck and may the ink in your pens never run dry!


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