Space – here we come – all these lovely Christmas presents!

Happy Christmas everyone – this year is certainly going out with a bang space-wise….

Hot off the press are:

  • Skylon continues to get its European Space Agency approvals, saying the concepts that got to make the space place are feasible and realisable.


  • NASA are planning to build air cities for Venus – see here


  • Two mathematicians have found a faster and better route to Mars and back – see here


I have so much confidence that Skylon will become reality, that it now appears in two of my published short stories – Neptune’s Angel and Tyrell’s FlightA case of science being used in science fiction.

I know Ian Sales will be particularly pleased with the second as he has his Aphrodite Terra anthology coming out shortly. Of course the work on air cities follows on from Geoffrey Landis’ 2010 short story The Sultan of the Clouds. A case of science fiction turning into reality?

As for Mars…. well it has recently been caught burping methane – a potential sign of life. Needless to say my short story A Fate of Dust did warn of this, and went on to describe some interesting consequences. A case of science fiction predicting the future science?

Hm…. more about all this in my what I think will happen in 2015 in my New Year blog…

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