Tyrell’s Flight

Whoopedy-doodah! I have a new story published! You can find Tyrell’s Flight over at Kraxon Press!

My thanks to the Editor and his team over at Kraxon for giving this story the opportunity to be read by the science fiction interested.

It would have been published on 1st November, but was kept back until this month. The reason was quite simple. The start of the story had too many coincidences with the ill-fated crash of SpaceShipTwo on the previous day, October 31st. At the time the centre of speculation of what had gone wrong centred on a fuel leak and subsequent explosion. We now know the evidence points away from this as being the direct cause. The delay was, quite rightly, out of respect for those closely affected by the tragedy and not to add further to confusion of rumours.

My sympathies and condolences go the relatives, friend and colleagues of Michael Alsbury, who lost his life in the crash. I wish Peter Siebold, the pilot, the best and a full recovery.

Without people like these, risking their lives to pave the way for others to follow, we would not live in the enriched, and in many ways safer, world of today. I salute you, one and all.


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