Blacker than black as we know it!

For various reasons I’ve got ‘my black mood’ on… so I went wandering around the net…. and came across NASA in a similar mood to celebrate ‘Black Friday’. What they had done was put up some photos of black holes… some of which I’m sharing here.






Aren’t these cool (or kul as they say in Swedish)? I would say they are inspirational, at least for science fiction writing.

A black hole is somewhere where light cannot escape from. But what causes that? It is because mass (or energy if you think E = m.c.c equation) has become so dense that gravity pulls light into that mass, not letting it escape. What happens inside a black hole? Well for starters it will be heavy and hot (very hot). Not a nice place to be! Much in keeping with how I’m feeling at the moment.

So the challenge has to be, can I come up with something new about a black hole for a science fiction story? This includes other that standard staple of popping into the universe next door and wormholes.


2 thoughts on “Blacker than black as we know it!

  1. I must admit I only understand the basic physics of black holes, but my gut feel suggests that anything other than a spherically-shaped black hole suggests physics, but not as we know it is going on.

    Still, I like the pictures as art!

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