Token and Non-paying Markets for SF Short Stories

Given recent events (and I’m far too angry to write them down so that they won’t be taken the wrong way), I’ve decided that I’ll only be submitting my short stories to semi-pro and pro markets from now on. The exceptions will be those who helped publish my stories in the past:

These are short story markets I can recommend from experience. All the editors genuinely want to help budding SF writers. Each of these has their own tastes in science fiction, so you are best off to read what they’ll accept before submitting. But their main aim is to get quality science fiction out into the market.

There will be one other exception in due course… but I can’t say much about it now, because there are others involved and things will take their own pace.

Otherwise, (apart from two stories already subbed) it’s semi-pro or pro or not at all for me. For those that say I shouldn’t go down the ‘not at all’ route, I say ‘tough – I don’t want the hassle.’ If the semi-pros and pros don’t want to publish my stories with new ideas etc, then the readers won’t have access to them. It’s that simple.


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