Newsy Bits and Pieces

As well as Jupiter accepting Air of Freedom, I’m delighted to say that the Kraxon magazine has accepted my short story Tyrell’s Flight. 

I’m very pleased that both these stories will get to be published, because they have both done something very interesting in the engineering side of things. I should add the engineering is completely different for each story. No, you’ll have to wait for them to be published to find out what.

Talking of space, there will be a conference on London November 18th-21st, called Reinventing Space. More details can be found here. Those of you who are interested in writing space opera really do need to look through titles if nothing else. Come to think of it, one of my stories is really applicable to the conference. Ah well… I’ll just have to sit this one out!

2 thoughts on “Newsy Bits and Pieces

  1. Thank you. I’m rather chuffed that both of these are coming out. The one, Air of Freedom, was a story experimenting with a follow-on idea of my novel that you read parts of… the one with Dirk in it…
    I hope your poetry goes from strength to strength….

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