Bristol Science Fiction Competition

What lies ahead for Bristol in 100, 300 or 500 years time? Well now’s your chance to write a short science fiction story of between 500 and 5,000 words length to enter the Bristolcon team’s competition. See here for full details. Closing date 5th November – which reminds me – where did I save that scene with science fiction fireworks?

A science fiction short story example of mine is Getting There, which Kraxon published on-line here.

I spent today on the Gloucestershire Worcestershire Steam Railway (aka GWSR – yes they are based on the real GWR alias the Great Western Railway alias God’s Wonderful Railway). They like the Central Steam Railway in Loughborough are extending their line. They want to get to Bovington, which is the next major stop on its way north to Stratford-upon-Avon. Is it me or are all the little steam railways trying to get connected to main lines (some like the North York Moors Railway already are)? And if I didn’t have enough writing of science fiction on my plate at the moment, I would write a story about how all the steam railways banded together and took over the main lines, in the spirit of Reverend Wilbert Audrey. Of course you can write the story instead. Furthermore, if you base such a story from Bristol Temple Meads, you can have a short story to enter the competition above.

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