Fun Palaces at Bristol Watershed – October 5th 2014

This is a repeat of what is on Bristolcon and Jo Hall’s blog. Yes, by popular request and having run a darned good workshop at Bristolcon two years ago (I have no sympathies for those who missed out…), I’ve been tentacled by the Squidpunk mistress to run this workshop….

This coming Sunday (Oct 5th) BristolCon descends on the Bristol Watershed Media Centre for an afternoon of SFnal fun and frolics.

We kick off at 12pm with an SF writing workshop hosted by Rosie Oliver (and probably C.A.T!) looking at how writers can use real-life locations – in this case Bristol – in their SF.

After a briefing on the art of the sci-fi yarn, you’ll be sent out to visit authors stationed in and around the Harbourside area, and these local sci-fi writers will support you in developing your story. There will then be a closing workshop with guidance on adding the final touches to your extraordinary stories. Space cadets of all ages can the choose to enter the competition in teams or alone, and you can sign up for the competition at Box Office. This is your chance to win some fantastic prizes.

Then there will be two panels : Science Fiction and Technology

13:00 – 14:00: Science Fiction + Technology 
Does reading and watching Sci-Fi encourage an interest in science? Are there technological developments that would not have happened without science fiction? What have we achieved that was only science fiction fifty years ago? What do we want to see happen in the coming decades? Get some answers (and some more questions!) as you think about what sci-fi means to you!

Followed by :

Toilets in Space

(which has proved to be very popular at previous BristolCons!)

15:00 – 16:00 Toilets in Space
What about day to day practicalities in space? From eating, going to the loo and even dancing the tango – how can everything we do on 21st century Earth be done in zero-gravity?! If you’re writing a story for the Bristol Con competition we’re running as part of our Fun Palaces Weekend, you might want to include a level of reality in your fantastic fiction. So how would you go about using a toilet in space?

Panellists will include : Scott Lewis, John Hawkes Reed, Sarah Ash, Thomas David Parker, Jonathan L Howard etc…

Then after the panels the workshopping will resume, culminating (hopefully) in a short story competition with Prizes! to be won – more details on that in the next day or so, so look out for them!

The fun starts at 12pm and goes on until 5.30pm and it’s a completely FREE event – we hope you’ll join us!


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