So that was Loncon3



So that was Loncon3… first and foremost – a BIG THANK YOU to all who organised and helped to make this the success it was. Yes there were teething troubles as you would get with any large one-off event, but by and large things ran smoothly.

Some aspects were certainly an eye-opener for me. Amongst other things it made me realise why Iain M Banks wrote science fiction so successfully – he effectively wrote in what I would term mild poetic prose and when the words resonate like that, it sticks. I’m only sorry that he is not around to write more science fiction.

There was only one really sour note… when a certain publisher went on about the lack of women science fiction writers. I don’t know why they are not publishing the same ratio of women to men science fiction writers as other publishers seem to manage to find. I can however well believe that women are put off submitting to them because of their poor record of publishing such a, I can only term it, abysmal ratio. After that comment, I’m certainly put off ever submitting anything to them!

But I did get my hot sticky little hands on an Interzone issue 199 – yes I did say ONE-NINE-NINE. If anybody like me is short of that issue, and they are at Fantasycon in York next month, pop along to the Interzone desk and ask. Roy might have one or two lurking in his cardboard boxes that he hides under his desk.

I thoroughly enjoyed the orchestral concert, with the conductor using a light sabre for a baton. We had all kinds or science fiction related pieces played, from the iconic Star Trek to the Holst’s classic Mars and Jupiter from his Planets’ Suite. But for me, the Dr Who sequence was what won the day, but only by a hair’s breath.

I was lucky enough to get a seat in Alastair Reynolds’ presentation on science fictional methods of interstellar flight, from generation ships to sleeper ships to digital transmission of bodies to be made on new planets. I hope he has another chance at a different convention to give the same presentation. Of course all these methods don’t break the speed of light limitation…

I met some very lovely people, who were just themselves. None of this 9-2-5 grey suits stuff. I could name quite a few, but some of them might just blush… and there were lots of things done and a lot of e-mails promised (note to self – must make a start on these).

There will be repercussions from Loncon3… but things have to take their time and mature… so watch this space – and no this not the final frontier type!

P.S. Of course, C.A.T. got a mention in my intro at the panel I sat on – he wouldn’t have let me get away with anything less!


2 thoughts on “So that was Loncon3

  1. Sounds like a great event, Rosie. Did your panel chat get recorded for posterity? Maybe that publisher gets confused and thinks women sci-fi authors are some sort of alien invention from the blokes ie fantasy and not reality?

    1. I’m not aware of my panel chat being recorded, but you never know – someone might have done so. The room was fairly full, so I couldn’t see what everyone was doing. But I did make the audience laugh at one point – so happy about that!

      As for the publisher… let’s just say I’ve been very polite on this blog about what he said, on the assumption that he didn’t mean what he really said…. my blood is still boiling on this one. nevertheless, like your comment!

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