It’s SF-ishly Quiet

Went to town today to buy a suitcase and some new make-up for Loncon3 – well what more does a gal want?

Well… I paid my customary visit to Waterstones in The Galleries in Bristol – of the 33 books they put on the special show-this-is-a-good-book-to-buy, only one was by a female – Anne Leckie’s Ancillary Justice. Not impressed, one tiny little bit. In fact distinctly cheesed off – of the Stinking Archbishop variety!!! [Or if you’re in the USA – the Limburger variety!!!] See Juliet McKenna’s blog on this subject. Though she does go on to add a more positive later on in another post. But I still want to see women better represented on the sales tables – by better I mean more fairly in terms of the proportion of books written by women being representative on the table.

[No I did not complain, because my comments would have been rude. VERY RUDE! And that would have been to a person who probably had nothing to do with the decisions and therefore totally unfair on them.]

With all these cons (Nine Worlds, Loncon3, Eurocon) coming in quick succession in such close proximity, it’s not surprising that people are prepping/being-at/recovering from them. Anything else goes by the board. So it’s quiet, Quiet, QUIET!!!!

Thank goodness for Jupiter 45 – Helike  dropping through the letterbox – am looking forward to reading that between the domestic chores…

So to keep you amused, though you’ve seen this before… here’s C.A.T.’s video. Mrrooowwww!



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