Another Bath Spa Publishing Success on its Way!

I promised to keep you wonderful informed of publishing successes from fellow students on my MA Creative Writing course at Bath Spa University. Well, next up, to be published on 28th August this year, is Jane Shemlit’s novel ‘Daughter’. You can find more details here… and it’s already getting good reviews. And just look at the cover… Wow!…




She was on one of the courses I was on… so I had the pleasure of reading some early draft pieces of her novel…. even if she playfully elbow me in the ribs on one occasion!

I still remember the day when we handed in our final assignment… our precious half-a-novels that we had slaved on all through the year. We went to the pub for lunch. All of us sat round the table sipping our drinks, too exhausted and blown out of our minds to talk much… except Jane. She was hyper, couldn’t stop chatting, couldn’t wind down. To be honest, I think we welcomed her liveliness that day!

Her novel was shortlisted for the Janklow and Nesbitt award, which is given annually to the most promising novel on the MA course. I know the winning novel is due to published nest year, but am awaiting confirmation that it will come out on the suggested date before I say anything more. 

Yes, my novel was also one of the very few shortlisted, but as yet has to find someone interested in publishing it… sigh… such is life, the universe and everything.


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