Aphrodite Terra Anthology on its way…

5 06 2014

Ugh! That was a nasty parasitic viperous spam attack and hence my silence over the last couple of weeks or so. But it seems to have abated. So I’m back!

And back with a grin….

I’m delighted to say that a short story of mine has been accepted by Ian Sales for his Aphrodite Terra anthology – see here for details.

And like  him, I’m delighted to see five of the six stories are by women! I know he will have picked each story on grounds of merit, so this is a genuine result to show women can do better then men sometimes! I’m looking forward to seeing what the others have produced.

On a personal note that makes six out of the eight planets in our Solar System where I’ve had a story published as you can see from the table. [Ian has not announced the title of my short story yet and hence the asterisks.] I find it really crazy that two of the most interesting and therefore easiest to write about planets are still waiting to be written.

Slide1For the record the order of publication was: Mercury, Neptune, Earth, Jupiter, Mars and now Venus.

And yes, I’m aware Larry Niven’s first published short story was also on Mercury… ahem… this is where I tiptoe away…



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5 06 2014

I like the way you say your stories have been published on the different planets! And what about Miranda?

5 06 2014


Sending another priest your way…

5 06 2014
James Pailly

Very cool. So what are your plans for Saturn and Uranus?

6 06 2014

Hello James,
Saturn is turning out to be difficult for me. It’s got so many possibilities that I’m always wondering if someone else has worked up the idea I’ve come up with. I always like to put something new into my science fiction wherever I can… hence the reticence on my part.
I’m currently working on Uranus – got about the first third drafted. This one’s really bursting with new stuff… about every time I’ve sat down and had a first draft stint (as opposed to editing) a completely new idea hits the screen… where they’re coming from I just don’t know… I’ve got the stage now, where I’m getting scared to continue the writing for fear of not keeping up the quality.

25 06 2014
Colum Paget

Congrats on the sale to Sales, rosie!

25 06 2014
Colum Paget

Might have been an idea to say *where* these were published, btw

25 06 2014

Hello Colum,

Many thanks on your good wishes and glad to see you still lurking around the science fiction blogs!

Um… I actually have a bibliography of which short stories have been published where on a separate page… but you’re right I should have included the where in the post. So in response to this deficiency:

Mercury – Displaced – The New Writer Volume 66, May/June 2004
Earth – Cold Pressure – Jupiter, volume 26 (Isonoe), October 2009 and reprinted in The New Writer, Volume 105, Winter 2011
Mars – A Fate of Dust – Full Frontal Lobe e-zine, Issue 2, October 2012
Jupiter – Agents of Repair – Jupiter, volume 29 (Thyone), July 2010
Neptune – Life Sentence – Jupiter, volume 8, (Phasiphae), Spring 2005

I believe Ian Redman, over at Jupitersf.co.uk is selling back issues of all the his magazines (Earth, Jupiter and Neptune) if you’re interested in catching up on any of them.

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