Hard(-ish) SF short story markets

Another edition of Jupiter dropped through my letterbox today. Whoppee! But the thought occurred to me as to what are the current markets for hard science fiction short stories at the moment.

Of course, there’s Jupiter – see here for submissions details.

Ian Sales is currently putting together an anthology concerning the planet, Venus, – Aphrodite Terra – see here for what he wants.

Then there’s Ticketyboo Press with an anthology concerning the line: ‘Houston, we have a problem.’ See here for submission details.

ARC magazine, if and when it gets going again, is definitely hard SF.

These are all the ones specifically targeted at hard SF in the UK that I know of.

In the wider world there is Analog, though I’m not sure I would call that hard any more – but this is personal perspective. As I can’t think of any other publication places, it makes me wonder whether hard science fiction has become a British English speciality. This brings to mind interesting thoughts, like will England once again take the engineering lead in the world in the medium term future (based on the pull through from the imagination in SF stories to real science and engineering)?

6 thoughts on “Hard(-ish) SF short story markets

  1. Rosie, have you got a tap on my computer? Your description of England returning to world engineering leadership is part of the plot of my current story.

    Like you I don’t think Analog could be classed as a hard SF publication any more. I have my copies from 1959 to mid 2004 when I dropped my subscription because of the leaning towards the soft ‘sciences’ and doom and gloom. So, as you say, there are only small English publishing houses looking to keep the science in science fiction.

    1. It’s just pure coincidence or great minds thinking alike. The only thing I’d add to England becoming a the world leader of engineering is that it won’t be under a Conservative government. After all Margaret Thatcher’s government all but killed off engineering in this country – to the extent that working engineers were advising their children who clearly had a natural talent for the subject not to go into engineering as a profession. We wouldn’t have a space industry now if it wasn’t for a few hardy individuals who refused to give up. And now the government are highlighting it as a flagship for engineering development. How silly can they get!… Oops you’ve caught me on one of my favourite rants!

      1. In fact England becoming a world leader in engineering won’t happen under any potential government at the moment since the only difference between the parties is the colour of their rosettes. I would go as far as saying that we need to remove all politicians and use black box technology to put the governance of the country into the hands of the tax paying people. Now I’m getting carried away – I do have this in the beginning of my story but this isn’t the place to discuss politics.

  2. Ivan – good luck with your story. It sounds interesting. You’re probably right about the colour of rosettes being the only difference, but I saw the ‘devastation’ the Thatcher government caused in engineering, and the consequent misery for thousands upon thousands of people, some of them my family and friends. It’s left a very bitter taste… Despite these thoughts, have a Happy Easter.

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